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Orange Corners’ strength is its collaboration with local and international partners. Together can find more effective methods to strengthen the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and support young entrepreneurs. Our partners vary from small companies to large multinationals, knowledge institutes and individual entrepreneurs.  They support our programmes in various ways ranging from providing mentorship and physical spaces to financial support.

By working with local partners, we can better understand the local entrepreneurship ecosystem and and what is needed to grow a successful business. Through public-private partnerships, we also make sure Orange Corners’ programmes are financially sustainable and don’t solely rely on government support. We believe in strengthening a system in which local and international partners can give back to a community in a way that is long-lasting and beneficial to all.

“We see young entrepreneurs as innovators who impact local economies. Orange Corners is a great opportunity for these entrepreneurs.”

– CEO Shell Mozambique – 


Orange Corners depends on funding and in-kind contributions from partners from the private and public sector. Together with our partners, we are able to provide the support that is needed by young entrepreneurs in each programme country.

Orange Corners has three levels of partnerships: main partner, partner and contributor. Next to a financial contribution, we request partners to give 6 hours of their time to add value to the Orange Corners programme. This value can come in many forms, varying from masterclasses and coaching sessions to networking opportunities.

Are you excited to support young entrepreneurs with Orange Corners, or would you like to request a more detailed partnership information package? Please contact us via the form to the right.